• BlountMs. Blount is a graduate from Savannah State University with degrees in Biology and Chemistry. She was a talented basketball and volleyball athlete and attended Savannah State (College) on two full athletic scholarships. She went on to earn three distinctive graduate degrees: Integrated Studies, School Counseling, and Educational Leadership Specialist, and served over 23 years as a counselor in the public school system. She has had a tremendous impact on the community by advising and guiding students as well as through her various philanthropicoutreach efforts.







    “Let your voice be your victory”


                                             Maya Angelou

    Ericka Blount, Ed.S, CAMS-II

    Benjamin E. Mays High School

    3450 Benjamin E. Mays Dr. SW

    Atlanta, GA 30331

    Office (404) 802-5100

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