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    What is Atlanta Public School Preschool Special Education Program?

    The preschool Special Education Program serves children (ages 3-5) diagnosed as having mild, moderate or  severe disabilities. These conditions include but are not limited to; intellectual disabilities, hearing, visual, speech and/or language impairments, orthopedic and emotional disabilities and developmental delays.

    How do children benefit from participating in the program?

    Participation in the Preschool Special Education Program provides opportunities for children to learn through projects, learning centers and playful activities. This program helps children to succeed in school by providing them with a developmentally appropriate  curriculum in the areas of cognition, communication, emotional, psycho-motor, self-help and adaptive skills.

    Who should be referred for the

    Any child residing in the Atlanta Public School area suspected of having developmental delays.

    What is the age requirement for referral to the program?

    Children can be referred six months before their third birthday.

    Who do I contact to begin the referral Process?

    Contact the Atlanta Public School’s Preschool Special Education Office at 404-802-1690 or 1699 to begin the referral process.


    Where are special education preschool aged students served?

    Preschool-aged students meeting eligibility criteria and needing special education services may receive those services in a variety of placement options such as, but not limited to:

    • A regular education early childhood program in a public school or community
    • A separate special education program housed in the public school or community based setting
    • A program provided at home
    • Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Programs

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Last Modified on September 29, 2014