• Special Education Transition Programming


    Program information:

    Transition Coordinator:
    Carolyn Harris (charris@apsk12.org)

    Transition Teachers:

    • Lisa Oglesby- Grady Memorial Hospital (loglesby@apsk12.org)
      • Transition contact for West Region (Mays, Douglass, Washington)
    • Sheena Varghese- Capitol Commons Café at Sloppy Floyd (Sheena.Varghese2@apsk12.org)
      • Transition contact for North Region (North Atlanta, Grady, Jackson)
    • Mallory Henson- Café Aquaria at Georgia Aquarium (mallory.henson@apsk12.org)
      • Transition contact for South Region (South Atlanta, Therrell, Carver)

    Restaurant Transition Program:

    • Sloppy Floyd - Capitol Commons Café
    • Georgia Aquarium - Café Aquaria
    • A 1-2 year non-paid restaurant internship that targets students whose main goal is supported or competitive employment after graduation or aging out of public school.
    • The program is designed for students ages 18-22 with varying disabilities (MOID, MID, AUT).

    Healthcare Transition Program:

    • A 1 year non-paid transition program with the ultimate goal of preparing students for competitive employment in the community.
    • This program is designed for students with disabilities ages 20-22, eligible for Medicaid Waiver services, who will benefit from an intensive vocational internship.

    What’s needed to participate in the transition program?

    • Completed Transition Referral Application
    • DBHDD Region 3 Letter of Eligibility
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Referral
    • Completed high school graduation requirements 

    Interns will learn:

    • To acquire marketable skills to increase opportunities of joining the workforce
    • The importance of commitment to a job and showing good work ethic
    • The importance of teamwork and getting along with coworkers
    • To respect safety regulations of the workplace and abide by them at all times
    • To respect direction from others and be able to work independently
    • The importance of proper dress, hygiene, time management, cell phone use and reliable transportation


    Atlanta Public Schools Key Transition Resources

    Transition Program Referral Packets

    Medicaid Waiver through DBHDD

Last Modified on February 26, 2019