Special Education Transportation

    Transportation Contact Numbers

    • Main Phone Line - 404-802-5500 


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    Please include your child’s name, student ID, address, school, bus stop and bus number in your email and on any other correspondence.


    Transportation Contact Information (Special Needs)

    Chandra Ponder

    Transportation Supervisor



    Questions & Answers

    How are parents informed of their child(ren) pick-up and drop-off times?

    Two methods: parents/guardians will be telephoned by the Call Center personnel and/or the bus operator will attempt to make personal contact while performing dry runs in late July but prior to the start of the new school year.


    Where is the exact location for pick-up and drop off?

    Exact locations will be determined by the Transportation Department under the guidelines of Curb-to-Curb bus stop service and communicated by the Call Center personnel starting late July/early August of each school year.


    How much time prior should a parent arrive to a pick-up and drop-off location?

    At least ten minutes. Transportation recognizes challenges many parents face in preparing your child for the bus ride and do our utmost to achieve timely arrival.


    Can a sibling wait with another sibling for pick-up or drop-off?

    Yes, for the pick-up a sibling can wait at the parent/guardian’s discretion. For the drop-off, our goal in Transportation is only to release a younger student with a sibling who is nine (9) years of age or older.


    Will the bus driver blow the horn upon arrival?

    No, the driver will not blow the horn, nor the bus in reverse to sound the reverse beeper, nor flash the lights upon arrival.


    Who to call if a parent was not contacted for Day One pick-up and drop-off times and location?

    The Transportation Department Call Center (404-802-5500) is staffed with bilingual representatives from 5:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday–Friday to assist parents.


    My address or phone number has changed, who do I call?

    A parent/guardian can change/update their address or phone number at their child’s assigned school. Please contact the school’s Special Education Lead Teacher to update your child’s Request for Special Transportation form prior to the last day of school. After May 30th, please contact Tereon Williams at tlwilliams@atlanta.k12.ga.us or 404-802-2636. Address changes/updates cannot be addressed by the bus operator or the Transportation Department.


    Why doesn’t the bus come down my street?

    Under the Transportation Department’s Curb-to-curb safety platform, and our collective goal of serving students in a least restrictive environment, for safety reasons; there are a number of conditions that include but are not limited to buses going into reverse, entering gated communities where the driver cannot reach the key pad from the window, low hanging trees or other barriers, cul-de-sacs or streets filled with cars that may impassable for a bus to traverse or other impediments can require the curb location to move away from where the parent may find it more convenient. Please see Board Policy ED-R1 for more details.


    Why do I have to walk my child from the back of the community to the front of the community?

    The Transportation Department takes its responsibility for serving students with disabilities seriously and always wants to do its utmost to find successful solutions to all bus stop locations. There are situations where parents must walk their child from the back of the community to the front because of certain restrictions that make driving into the community unsafe (location of the gates, too many cars or no method for the bus to exit the community without having to reverse). The Transportation Department appreciates the cooperation and support of our dedicated parents/guardians.


    Will my bus operator call me by phone when the bus is about to arrive?

    No, bus operators are explicitly prohibited by State Law from driving their bus and talking on a cell phone or mobile device.


    Can my bus operator transport my child’s medication to school?

    No, bus operators cannot transport medication to school. Parents are to contact the school for assistance.