• APS Reclassification Process

    In an effort to have a comprehensive compensation program that attracts, retains, and motivates a highly qualified and competent workforce, the Reclassification Process is designed to address changes that occur to existing positions through the natural course of business.  As a result of technology, district strategy, position alignment within the organizational structure, etc. there can be changes that occur to the job duties, responsibilities, and expectations of an existing position.  The Reclassification Process is designed to give employees and supervisors the opportunity to present these changes to the Compensation Department for review to determine if a job reclassification is warranted.

    A job reclassification primarily reviews to determine if the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption status, pay grade, and job title are appropriate for the duties and responsibilities. The Reclassification Process will occur once a year and any changes will be implemented with the budget for the following fiscal year.  The Reclassification Process is primarily for non-school-based positions.



    The questionnaire is designed to collect information about levels of skill, effort, and responsibility required of primary job assignments. Careful completion of this form may take several hours. This questionnaire will serve as the basis for drafting updated job descriptions and evaluating positions for placement on the proper pay grade. It is not a test of an employee’s personal skills or an assessment of an employee’s job performance. Please do not use technical jargon or abbreviations known only to members of your department or field. However, complete and thoughtful answers are necessary to correctly evaluate the position. Please follow the steps below and attach additional pages of information if necessary.

    1. Carefully read the entire questionnaire before answering any of the questions so that you will not duplicate your responses.
    2. Complete the entire questionnaire to the best of your ability, with concise and factual replies. Incomplete questionnaires will be returned for further clarification. If the completed questionnaire is not received by the deadline, the request will not be reviewed. Be prepared to provide written documentation to support your ratings in the charts provided if requested during the review process.
    3. Update the job description for your position with the current requirements, responsibilities, duties and working conditions (using the template attached) to support your request.  Include this updated job description with your questionnaire submission.
    4. It is your responsibility to:

      • route the completed questionnaire to your direct supervisor and appropriate Chief Officer or Senior Cabinet Level Administrator for review and signature, and
      • submit the completed, signed questionnaire to the Compensation Team via email (Compensation@atlanta.k12.ga.us) on or before the December 20, 2023 deadline.

    Link to Forms:

    Non-Administrator Reclassification Questionnaire 2023-24

    Administrator Reclassification Questionnaire 2023-24

Position Reclassification Timeline for 2023-2024