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    Barbara Holloway

     2  pta@aol.com   Parent
     Ronald Agee  2  ronald.agee@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Cluster Rep
     Krystle McGuire  3  kimcguire@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Vice Chair
     Remika Smith  2  rsmith@atlanta.k12.ga.us  
     Shandrea Hardeman  2  sthardeman@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Chair
     Tamika Harris  3  tamharris@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Secretary
     Shannon Keith  2  shonnon.keith@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Partner
     Vanessa William  2  vanessa.william@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Partner
     Hazel Mays  3  hazel.mays@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Partner



    Meeting Schedule  




    Public Comment



     Cleveland Avenue Elementary

     3 pm 




     Cleveland Avenue Elementary

     3 pm




     Cleveland Avenue Elementary

     3 pm




     Cleveland Avenue Elementary

     3 pm  

     January 17, 2017

     3/31/2017  Cleveland Avenue Elementary  3 pm    March


     Cleveland Avenue Elementary

     3 pm




    Meeting Notices

    November 17, 2016, Meeting Notice 

     January Meeting Notice 

    January Budget Meeting  

    GO Team Budget Feedback  

    March Meeting Notice 


    Meeting Minutes 

    September 1, 2016, Minutes 

     November 17, 2016 Agenda

    January 10, 2017, Agenda  

    January 17, 2017, Budget Meeting  

    March 31, 2017, Austerity 


    Public Comment Format

    All public guests must sign in using the GO Team Form between 2:30-2:50 PM, as the meeting will begin promptly at 3:00 PM.   The Go Team Form should be filled out in its entirety.  The form will consist of agenda items to be discussed.  

    Ms. Harris will serve as the time keeper.  Public comment will occur at the end of the meeting. All comments will be solicited via google docs, utilizing ipads.  GO Team will not respond to the concerns.  Ms. Harris/Ms. Hardeman will collect and post them online in a FAQ format.  If a vote is needed, the team will discuss ways to get public feedback prior to the vote.  


    For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the picture below.

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