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  • After reviewing the elements and impact of STE(A)M and IB in comparison to the existing programming at Midtown Cluster schools, the Cluster Advisory Team recommends transitioning the signature program to STE(A)M.

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    Why are we changing our Signature Program?

    The new charter system contract states, “every school is on a timeline to complete implementation, authorization, certification or credentialing.” This is not currently attainable for the Midtown Cluster, as the signature program is College & Career Readiness (CCR).

    Battelle for Kids (formerly P21), the certifying agency for CCR, has suspended their certification process with no scheduled date for relaunch.

    In order to ensure high quality signature programs for all clusters, APS requires the Midtown Cluster to choose a new signature program.

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    Additional Resources

    Crosswalk of STE(A)M, IB, and College & Career Readiness

    Additional Background on the Process

    STE(A)M Resources

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    To ensure every student will graduate ready for college and career.


    To become a high-performing cluster where educators inspire, families engage, and students love to learn.


Cluster Advisory Team Members

  • Facilities Updates: Midtown Cluster

    January Update

    October 20th: PresentationRecording

    Frequently Asked Questions

    September 29th Presentation, 1pm Recording6pm Recording

    Letter from the Superintendent (EnglishSpanish)

    March 30, 2021: Please find the presentation from this session here and the full recording here

    Frequently Asked Questions: Review questions and answers from the February 25th meeting here

    February 25, 2020: Conversation on the Future Use of Inman MS (6pm, Inman MS Cafeteria): The community will review enrollment projections and current building capacities in order to review the pros and cons of potential solutions to address capacity challenges in the Grady Cluster. Slides here . Notes here

    January 21, 2020: Grady Cluster Advisory Team (CAT): This CAT meeting recapped the Facilities process, the long range planning that we’ve done so far (2018-2019), and heard from the CAT ideas for the future use of Inman. Those ideas will inform the Grady cluster community conversation on February 25, 2020 (6pm) at Inman MS.



    • The district is currently developing a Facilities Master Plan. This plan will be district-wide and information can be found here
    • The Grady Cluster has had a number of conversations over the past year regarding facilities. Below is current information on the process and decisions:
      • Key Messages: Morningside (including the K-Center) is moving to Inman MS building temporarily during renovations; the Administration is recommending using the K-Center for Springdale Park to address capacity challenges; the future use of Inman MS building has not been decided and is part of the district Facilities Master Planning Process; and a summary of engagement opportunities.
      • Key Message: Morningside K-Center is relocating with the rest of Morningside ES to the Inman MS building during renovations
      • Key Message: No decision has been made on the future use of Inman MS building, as it is part of the district Facilities Master Planning Process