Mary Lin Budget FAQs

  • Is this budget set in stone if we approve it at the General Membership meeting?

    No, it can be amended at another meeting. 


    Will it be necessary to amend this budget?

    Yes, it will more than likely be necessary.  We have budgeted a certain amount for each area based on a lower estimate of what we could make from our fundraisers.


    In addition to the line items in the budget, how else will PTA spend the additional funds raised?

    In general, PTA will prioritize current/short-term needs. The initial PTA budget will be mostly a starting point, including yearly events, usual expenses, etc.  As always, any budget proposed by the Board can be revised in whole or in part by motion at the general membership meeting before approval.  PTA will communicate deadlines before future meetings so that any additional requests for major funding submitted by the deadline can be considered by general membership at the same time.  Smaller requests may be made directly by the board as a recommended expenditure, but still have to be approved by membership.  


    Who determines where the funds go? 

    The PTA Board (made up of one President (or two Co-Presidents) and five Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary) meet to evaluate and construct ideas.  They receive feedback from parents, teachers, staff, students, and the community.  Once a decision has been voted on by the Board, it will be presented to and then voted on by the PTA general membership.  Anyone who is a Mary Lin ES PTA member for the current school year can vote on the decision.