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    Friendly Reminder:  Items will be issued IN THE CLASSROOM by the teachers (not sent home).  We shall replenish as needed throughout the year---directly with teachers.

    Note Regarding Supply Orders:

    This is our third year providing this convenience.  It has been a successful, popular, and convenient option for teachers, students, and parents.  Thank you for helping us provide supplies for all of our students. While providing additional supplies to the teachers, we were told that a few parents had questions about the process and taking items home home.

    Here is What We Did:

    • We obtained a supply list from each grade level lead teacher (K-5).
    • We purchased the items on the supply list that each grade level would have asked each child to bring into school and put those in the classroom for every student. 
    • To the extent that the teacher would normally send the school supplies home (i.e., a composition notebook for homework), those supplies may come home. Otherwise, the supplies are in the classroom for the teachers and students to use throughout the year.
    • Exampe:  Every Fifth Grade student received:
      • 3 composition notebooks
      • 2 poly folders
      • Highlighters
      • Pencils
      • Box of crayons
      • Pencil pouch
      • Colored pens
      • Wide ruled notebook paper
      • Glue sticks
      • Ear buds
      • Graph paper
      • We also provided, paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, and Clorox wipes for the class.
    • Each teacher also received a form to request additional supplies if what we provided runs low. 

    We are excited to announce that our students will have ALL THEIR REQUIRED SCHOOL SUPPLIES made availablae on day one.  We have consulted with the teachers at each grade level and pre-ordered supplies for our Parkside students.  For your convenience, you may purchase here --- and save significantly.

    Price Per Student:  Only $35  (over $55 value in supplies)


    Note 1.0:  Backpacks are NOT included.
    Note 2.0:  Only applicable for Kindergarten - Fifth Grade (not Pre-K).

    For the upcoming school year, the Parkside PTA is excited to offer families the opportunity to avoid the mad dash to the store and instead, purchase your school supplies through us. PTA has procured all supplies requested by each grade level and will provide each student with their own bundle to start the school year on Day 1*. Not only is this a time-saver, but it is also a steal. To purchase all the items on the supply list from Target would cost approximately $65 per student, and from Walmart, approximately $55 per student. We are offering these same supplies for $35 per student

    Buy yours today! In addition to the option of paying here online, you may purchase the supplies with a check made out to Parkside PTA and drop it off at the school any time. You will also be able to buy them at Open House with a check or credit card. We ask that you consider purchasing additional bundles of supplies to help the children in our school who cannot afford to purchase a bundle.

    * The supplies will be given to your students’ teachers to hand out on the first day of school (but not before then). We hope you take advantage of this easy and money-saving offer that will also help ensure all our Pandas have all the supplies they need this year! Thank you in advance.
    **  PTA is committed to purchasing the supplies based on what the grade teams indicated each student would need for the year. If the students need more supplies than anticipated, or additional supplies for their classroom or specials, PTA will provide additional support if it has the funds to do so while honoring its other commitments and priorities. 

    ***  PTA will use its reserve funds to ensure that all 587 projected students have their school supplies on Day 1. But, to ensure that this is an annual tradition, we need the community's support so that this does not drain the reserve funds that are used to help support the school, our teachers, and our students throughout the year.