• Carpool Plan 2017-2018

    We thank you for familiarizing yourself with our NEW Carpool Plan (effective Aug.01.2017).  Our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is the SAFETY of all children as they depart.  Thank you for being mindful and patient as you arrive in your vehicles.  With your attentive cooperation, we hope to ensure a smooth process for all.

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    • Thank you for being PATIENT and alert.
    • Please respect and observe a "NO CELL PHONE" policy as you arrive (for safety reasons).
    • Please queue your vehicle on MERCER (facing WEST) as you approach the Parking Lot (near the GYM).
    • Please observe NO PARKING on the South side of Mercer (near the school).
    • Vehicles will enter the parking lot via the LEFT lane and proceed around in a CLOCKWISE direction.
    • Children will exit the gym with guidance from staff and enter vehicles on the DRIVER'S SIDE of the vehicle (closest to the curb).
    • Once the children are buckled up safely, drivers are asked to kindly make a LEFT TURN only onto MERCER upon departure from the parkind lot (to assist with logistics, flow, and safety).

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