Mrs. R. Lowe          

    Ramia Lowe, IB Coordinator



    Mrs. Lowe is the pedagogical leader of the IB PYP programme, and her role is to ensure that all standards for successful implementation of the PYP are understood by the teaching team, and that the programme is planned, taught, and assessed collaboratively by a fully PYP trained team of teachers. She will work collaboratively with all members of the teaching team; she will collaborate in whole-school planning; communicate effectively with all members of the PYP community (students, teachers and parents); and communicate with the IB organization regarding support and adherence to the programme.


    The goal of introducing PYP in our school is to improve the quality of teaching and learning by using the framework of standards and practices provided by the PYP. The PYP uses an inquiry based model of learning which permits students to engage fully in the learning process. Transdisciplinary themes (global themes that cross many subject areas) frame the learning. The PYP provides written curriculum documents that foster understanding, knowledge, skills and the attitudes needed in future jobs by our students. Successful enquiry should promote ethical perspectives that will ultimately lead to responsible action initiated by the student.