• TIPS for Staying Organized in Middle School


    You are now a SUTTON MIDDLE SCHOOLER!!!  With this title comes many new responsibilities and expectations. There are more classes to go to, more teachers to keep track of, lockers to figure out, lots more (and probably harder) homework, friends from all over to meet and so much to remember.  Good organization can help make these changes and transitions go a lot smoother.


    ~ During your locker breaks, make sure you have every book, every notebook and all materials you will need until your next opportunity to visit your locker. 

    - If necessary, write yourself reminder notes and stick them on the inside

    of your locker door.


    ~ Write all assignments down in your agenda

                - Record EVERY assignment for EVERY class EVERYDAY!!!


    ~ Look over your assignment list at your locker before you go home.

    - Make sure you have all the books and notebooks you will need to complete your homework for the night.


    ~ Set aside a time and a place to work on your homework.

    - Try to make it the same time and place everyday to establish a routine that you can get used to.


    ~ Prioritize your assignments

    - First, work on what is due tomorrow; then complete whatever you can for any other assignments the first night they are assigned.

    - Check off on assignments as they are completed.


    ~ Organize for tomorrow! Get as much done tonight as you can, to leave as little as possible for the morning.

    - When you are done with an assignment, put it into your backpack right away so it is not forgotten on your bed or on your desk at home.

                - If you bring your lunch to school, pack it the night before.

                - Set your clothes out the night before.

    - Gather and put into your backpack any other items you may need for the next day (lunch money, signed papers, PE clothes, etc.)

                - Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast!






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    Adapted from Anna R. Brussel, 2003 – Hayfield Secondary School