• Every year, our Counseling Department engages in classroom guidance with our students using the online Georgia Career Information Center (GCIC). The State Legislature passed a bill called the Bridge Bill, which requires that students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades complete certain career activities by the end of each school year. Students will complete these activities through the GCIC website. Here they will create accounts, complete surveys and inventories which help them discover career pathways, and complete a high school course plan.

    6th Grade Students (Counselor Mr. Mayerson):

    • Complete the Career Interest Profiler

    7th Grade Students (Counselor Ms. Slaughter):

    • Complete the Career Interest Inventory
    • Research potential careers

    8th Grade Students (Counselor Ms. Davis & Graduation Coach Ms. McCarthy):

    • Learn about high school graduation requirements and postsecondary options
    • Complete an Individual Graduation Plan