• Requests for Eighth-Grade Recommendation Letters

    1. Submit a completed Recommendation Questionnaire to Ms. Joseph. Blank questionnaires are located on the wall in front of Ms. Joseph’s office or may be downloaded here. Recommendation Questionnaire
    2. Submit $5 for each transcript needed via the online payment system. Click here to access the online payment system.
    3. Requests will be processed within 10 business days of submission date.
    4. Online applications will not be processed without prior authorization by the parent. This authorization should be noted on the Recommendation Questionnaire.
    5. Completed and sealed paper application packets are to be picked up from the 8th grade office by either the student, the parent, or a parent-approved designee.
    6. Requests for Teacher Recommendations are to be submitted directly to the teacher in person or via email. Click here for a list of teacher email addresses.
    7. Parents/Guardians are responsible for mailing completed packets to the appropriate organization.