• Student Progress and Success

    Atlanta Public School Policy stipulates that the progression of students will be continuous from one level to the next and will be characterized by early diagnosis, quality instructional and supporting services, including activities beyond the regular school day. By the end of third and fifth grades, students in the Atlanta Public Schools are expected to learn the basic skills in language arts and mathematics that are necessary to perform the course of study offered in the fourth and sixth grade. Except for students with an approved Individual Education Plan (IEP) that includes an exemption from this policy, no student will be promoted to the fourth or sixth grade who does not possess the skills needed to be successful in the regular curriculum.
    Board Policy IHE – 12-8-97

    Grading Scale
    Classroom and other teachers will issue grades in accordance with the Atlanta Public School Policies. They are as follows:

    S – Satisfactory - Student is applying concept or skill independently.
    G - Growth Student is in process of developing skill or concept.
    P – Problem Student is not applying concept or skill at this time.

    Grades 1-5 - Based Upon Cumulative Average
    A 90-100
    B 80-89
    C 70-79
    F 0-69
    NE Not evaluated

    Make up Work
    Students must complete all work missed in a time frame equal to the number of days absent. The parent and student share the responsibility for getting the make-up work completed and turned in on time. If a student will be absent for an extended period, request the work at least three days prior to the beginning of the absence. Failure to make up missed work will be reflected in the student’s grades, and in some borderline cases, could have long-range effects on a student’s progress.

    Report Cards
    Grades will be issued every nine weeks. Dates are published in the Atlanta Public Schools Parents and Student Calendar. You may retain the copy sent home for your records. Report Cards of students who have outstanding obligations will be held until all obligations are cleared. If you have any questions about your child’s progress, contact his/her teacher and arrange for a conference.

    We encourage parents to ask for a conference whenever needed. Conference requests by parents or teachers can be made by note or via telephone. To minimize disruption of the instructional day, we ask that you arrange conferences for after school or set a specific time before school.

    Textbooks are provided without cost to students in the Atlanta Public Schools. Students are to be responsible and accountable, however for their upkeep and return. Textbook inventories completed at the end of the year will establish student accountability for the maintenance and protection of textbooks. The school is authorized to withhold report cards pending return of textbooks or payment of lost books.