• Mays, has 5 small learning communities...they are as follows:


    Business and Entrepreneurship

    The Business and Entrepreneurship Academy (BEA) will offer young women and men in grades 9 – 12  the opportunity to be in a smaller and more personalized environment. The faculty and staff consist of an academy leader, a counselor, and BEA dedicated teachers. The academy leader will be responsible for the overall management and fulfillment of academy goals and objectives. Students in BEA will build stable and mutually respectful relationships that will support their intellectual, ethical, and social growth. The entire BEA team will ensure that all students are actively engaged in relevant and rigorous learning experiences led by effective teachers. Interdisciplinary teaching coupled with appropriate field experiences will prepare our students for multiple challenging and rewarding post-secondary opportunities.


    Dorothy Height Academy of Leadership

    The Dorothy Height Academy of Leadership will offer young women in grades 9 – 12 the opportunity to be in an environment that is more intimate, personalized and student centered. The vision of the academy is to nurture the student into the ultimate graceful globally competitive young woman, who graduates with viable secondary options from a premiere academy where standards of leadership excellence are set, and values of commitment to service and tolerance of diversity are instilled. Young women will engage in leadership experiences in their classrooms, school-wide, and in the community through internships and mentoring programs. Other areas that the academy will focus on include academic excellence, post-secondary options, and behavioral development. To this end, The Dorothy Height Academy of Leadership will develop girls into independent women who are able to assume leadership roles and make an impact in society.


    Eagle Leadership Academy

    The Eagle Leadership Academy develops leadership traits in young men in a single gender environment. The curriculum has an emphasis on small business development, and includes honors level core courses. Students are required to complete leadership courses, dress professionally daily, and abide by a creed. In

    addition to a strong emphasis on leadership, the Eagle Leadership Academy will also focus strongly on discipline, civic responsibility, personal responsibility, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.


    Mass Communications

    The Mass Communications Academy fosters an environment that facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to related mass communication fields of study, with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Mass Communications focuses on providing students with knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences in broadcast video production and graphic design. The curriculum emphasizes an inquiry based approach to learning, while enhancing the students’ abilities to write, speak, and think critically about differing media and modes of communication.


    Science and Mathematics

    The Science and Mathematics Academy is one of five smaller learning communities located on the campus of Benjamin E. Mays High School. We are committed to providing a problem-based, rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment that promotes creativity and success. Students graduating from the Science and mathematics Academy will be prepared for careers in health science, technology, architecture, and engineering. Students will be required to take at least three advanced placement courses and at least three years of foreign language. Additionally, students will have the option of following two exciting career pathways as part of their program of study: biotechnology and engineering.



Last Modified on January 11, 2012