DLI Program Vision and Mission

  • bilingual pairs


    APS Dual Language Immersion is a rigorous academic program that develops high linguistic and academic proficiency in two languages while simultaneously fostering positive cross-cultural attitudes.



    In a caring culture of global awareness, all APS dual language immersion students will graduate biliterate AND ready for college, career, and lige.


    Program Goals

    The purpose of the Dual Language Immersion program in Atlanta Public Schools is to move our students towards biliteracy through engaging instruction with inspiring teachers.

    The goals of the Dual Language Immersion program are:

    • to equip students with the skills that will enable them to function successfully in two languages;
    • to develop communication skills that allow students to compete effectively in the global community;
    • to develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence skills in two languages;
    • to develop academic proficiency in all content areas;
    • to use technology and other non-print sources to absorb information; and
    • to increase awareness of students’ own culture and appreciate the culture(s) of others.



      world Multilingualism Matters!