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  • School Instructional Resources

    All APS Dual Language Immersion Program Elementary Schools employ a two-teacher, 50/50 model in which half of the day is instructed in English and half of the day in Spanish. A key to an effective program is providing high quality instructional resources in both languages. Our English partner teachers have access to all of the same resources as their grade-level peers.

    The Spanish partner teachers are provided with numerous resources from the district to support Spanish language, literacy, and content development.  To see the Spanish language resources provided to each school, click the following link: DLI Spanish Resources At A Glance.


    Spanish Instructional Resources for Practice at Home

    Parents who may want to support their child's Spanish language development at home with online resources, may want to explore the following:

    Spanish Language Games

    Curious George - free online games and activities

    Rockalingua - subscription site with some free, online games to practice vocabulary

    Digital Dialects - vocabulary practice

    Spanish e-books

    Maguare - from Colombia Ministry of Culture 

    Spanish Language References


    DLI resources