• Hospital/Homebound Services

    Atlanta Public Schools follows Georgia State Guidelines as it pertains to Hospital/Homebound (HHB) services for enrolled general education and special education students whose needs cannot be met in the school setting. 

    These services are designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home or hospital for students whose medical needs, either physical or psychiatric, do not allow them to attend school for a limited period of time. 

    HHB services are not intended to replace regular school services and are by design temporary. The student must have anticipated absences from school that reach a minimum of ten consecutive or intermittent school days due to a medical or psychiatric condition. The student’s inability to attend school for medical or psychiatric reasons must be certified by the licensed physician who is currently treating the student for the diagnosis presented.

    The delivery of homebound services is a cooperative effort between the school and the parent, requiring shared responsibilities in order to be successful. 

    The parent’s role in the homebound process includes the following:

    1. Communication with the school regarding the need for homebound instruction.
    2. Completing the required homebound referral packet.
    3. Open communication with the homebound teacher to establish mutually agreeable times and a location for homebound instruction.
    4. Ensuring that the student is available and ready to work for all scheduled homebound sessions.
    5. Contact the homebound teacher at least 24 hour in advance if a homebound session needs to be cancelled or student is unavailable for instruction
    6. Provide the school and the homebound department with a new authorization from the physician if a service extension is required.
    7. Acknowledgement that homebound attendance is required under the Georgia compulsory attendance law.

    Parents can make the request for Homebound Services through their child's school Principal, Teacher, RTI Specialist, Special Education Lead Teacher or Counselor.  We look forward to working with you and your child to provide homebound educational services.  Please do not hesitate to call your school contact for assistance or to answer any questions you might have.

    Important Note: Beginning the 2021-2022 school year, HHB instruction will return to a face-to-face format, and services will resume in the child’s home environment, or mutually agreeable location (ie. library).  There may be some exceptions based on medical necessity, in which case school teams will review and decide on a case-by-case basis.  

    Malcolm Davie, MPA
    Special Projects Coordinator
    Atlanta Public Schools
    Office of Student Services



Last Modified on May 17, 2021