APS Truancy Center
  • APS Truancy Center

    The Truancy Center provides an effective deterrent to truancy in an effort to improve school attendance and academic achievement. The Truancy Center utilizes a collaborative approach, which involves students, parents, educators, community volunteers, social service agencies and law enforcement representatives working to ensure that our youth will develop into responsible citizens.

    The Goals of the Truancy Center:

    • Decrease the percentage of students absent 10 or more days
    • Reduce occurrences of school-age youth involved in criminal activity during school hours
    • Help ensure that school-age youth are safe, secure and productively engaged in learning during school hours
    • Foster greater cooperation between the school, home, and community

    The Truancy Center works in conjunction with Atlanta and MARTA Police Department as well as other school districts to ensure that students comply with the Georgia Compulsory School Attendance Law and Atlanta City Ordinance (Day Time Curfew). Students that are observed by Truancy Officers in the city of Atlanta without a valid written excuse between the hours of 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, are transported to school the Truancy Center, released to a parent/guardian, or juvenile detention center. 

    The Truancy Specialist verifies the status of students and conducts an initial assessment to identify barriers to overall student achievement. Students receive counseling, referrals to community agencies, and other follow-up services. School Social Workers, Administrators, and parents/guardians are notified of each occurrence via verbal and/or written notification. 

    The Truancy Center partners with the Atlanta Mayor’s Weed and Seed Office to conduct community outreach and awareness through the Keep Students in School Campaign. This initiative affords the district and representatives from the Mayor’s Office an opportunity to combat truancy by meeting with local merchants to inform them of the Atlanta City Ordinance (Day Time Curfew).

  • For More Information About Truancy Contact:

    Uraina Scott, LCSW Truancy Specialist
    Truancy Center/Kennedy Complex
    225 James P. Brawley Drive, NW
    Atlanta, Georgia 30314
    Office (404) 802-3648
    Fax (404) 802-3699

    Atlanta Public Schools
    Office of Student Services
    130 Trinity Avenue, SW
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Office (404) 802-1699

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