Athletics Booster Club Sponsors 2023-24


    SPONSORS 2023 - 2024


    Dear Supporters,


    You are the heartbeat of the David T. Howard Booster Club, and your impact reaches far beyond the field or court. Your generosity fuels our students' aspirations, providing them with the resources, opportunities, and encouragement they need to excel both academically and athletically. With your continued support, we're building a brighter future, one donation at a time. Thank you for being the driving force behind our success!



    Tony Moore

    2023 - 2024 President

    David T. Howard Booster Club




    2023 - 2024 Donors

    The  Adamovic Family

    The  Anderson Family

    The  Armstrong Family

    The  Asher Family 

    The  Bradway Family

    The  Buzzell Family

    The  Cash Family

    The  Denise Family

    The  Grantham Family

    The  Hahn Family

    The  Jackson Family

    The  Liu Family

    The  Maddison Family


    The  Moore

    The  Murray Family

    The  Neal

    The  Pinkston-Pope Family

    The  Quinn Family

    The  Rao Family

    The  Richason Family

    The  Steckler Family

    The  Sussman Family

    The  The Truist Foundation

    The  Turpin Family 

    The  Walker Family

    The  Warner Family


    It’s not too late to help the Booster Club achieve our goals.  The DTH Booster Club is a 501c3 organization (tax exempt status) that consists of parents, staff and coaches working together to enrich our athletic community. The money raised through donations from parents and concession stand sales helps to sponsor student scholarships and procure training equipment and resources.


    Please consider making a donation online here.


Last Modified on August 25, 2023