• Counseling
    The vision of the Atlanta Public Schools Guidance and Counseling Department is to support the systems vision to become a high-performing school district where students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage and the community trusts the system. APS counselors collaborate and consult with parents, community members and other educators to improve student achievement by customizing educational experiences in order to close achievement gaps among high and low performing groups and support positive choices. The counseling program will assist students in becoming college and career ready upon graduation and motivate students to become responsible and productive citizens.

    In a caring culture of trust and collaboration, the mission of the Atlanta Public Schools Guidance and Counseling Department is to provide high quality, comprehensive school counseling services to all students. Our programs are designed to help students develop and enhance their academic, behavioral, career, and personal/social strengths in order to ensure that all students graduate ready for college and career.
    The School Counseling Program is based on developmental concepts and theories and recognizes the strengths of each individual. The program is preventative and proactive; it encourages students, staff, and community to appreciate the contributions, rights, and responsibilities of themselves and others.
    The school counselors in Atlanta Public Schools believe:
    1. All students can achieve at high levels.
    2. Every student is valuable and is treated with dignity and respect.
    3. All students will have access to high quality school counseling services, provided by a certified, professional school counselor.
    4. All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial differences are considered in the design and delivery of school counseling services.
    5. All students can expect that school is a safe and nurturing environment.
    The Atlanta Public Schools Comprehensive School Counseling Program:
    1. Is an integral part of the total educational process of the Atlanta Public School System.
    2. Is planned, coordinated, managed, and evaluated by the school counselors. 
    3. Is available to all students to assist them with personal-social, educational, and career counseling needs.
    4. Stimulates student learning.
    5. Encourages supportive, positive parental involvement in the schools.
    6. Helps build a positive school environment by encouraging collaboration among counselors, teachers, administrators, parents and the community to further student achievement.
    7. Is continuously refined and improved through systematic review and evaluation of student performance data.
    All counselors in Atlanta Public Schools:
    Are guided by the Ethical Standards of the American School Counseling Association and the Georgia Department of Education 

    The School Guidance and Counseling Office provides quality programs for students in grades K-12 in three broad domains: self-knowledge information; educational and occupational information; and career planning information. School counseling programs are:
    Focus on what ALL students in grades K-12 should be able to do. The school counseling program helps ALL students achieve success to become contributing members of society.

    Operate as a planned and structured unit with specific content, skills and learning opportunities delivered proactively.

    Designed to meet needs of students at various growth and developmental stages. Guidance and counseling programs establish goals and expectations for students that are age-appropriate.

    Additionally, school counseling programs are aligned with Atlanta Public Schools’ (APS) strategic goals, and individual schools’ achievement plans to ensure student academic success.


    Georgia’s K-12 Guidance Curriculum provides the framework for guidance and counseling programs. It outlines twelve learner standards/competencies, which are aligned with the Quality Core Curriculum (QCC) and student-focused.

Last Modified on September 16, 2015