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    About Parkside's Go Team

    Restructuring as a charter system positions those closest to students to make decisions for their schools through Local School Governance Teams (Go Teams). Decentralized decision-making recognizes the expertise and insight of educators and the community at the school site level and empowers them to align resources and strategies to their students’ needs.

    Comprised of parents, staff, community members and the principal, Parkside's Go Team develops solutions for our school through an annual process of budgeting and improvement planning. Parkside's school level decision-making is aligned to a cluster strategic plan, which is a multi-year vision developed by a committee of representatives from each school that funnels into Maynard Jackson High. This multi-tiered level of support and input equips school sites within a cluster to align, support one another, and provide feedback on district-level initiatives.

    A key characteristic of charter systems is their distributed leadership decision-making structure. Within such a structure, a charter system must implement school level governance and grant decision-making authority in personnel decisions, financial decisions, curriculum and instruction, resource allocation, establishing and monitoring the achievement of school improvement goals, and school operations.

Parkside's Go Team Members

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  • Public Comment

    As the Parkside GO Team welcomes input from students, staff, parents and members of the community, each meeting will include an opportunity for public comment. To register for an opportunity to speak three options are given:

    1. Email Dave King (GO Team member) at david.king@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    2. Visit the sign up sheet at the reception desk, available on the day of our scheduled meetings.
    3. Sign up until 10 minutes prior to the meeting.

    Please include your name, email address and topic.