Grading/Evaluation of Students

    The Atlanta Board of Education recognizes that the grades a student earns are an ongoing measure of student success.  The Board wishes to maintain consistency in grading systems and procedures across the district, and directs the Superintendent to develop administrative regulations for grading systems and procedures that include the following components:

    • Issuance of deficiency notices;

    • Determination of grading scales;

    • Calculation of mid-semester and end-of-semester grades;

    • Repetition of high school courses that were failed;

    • Modification of course numbers and grades when an error occurs; and

    • Acceptance of transfer credits and grades.

    Factors regulating the determination and management of grades include the following:

    1. The minimum passing score will be 70 for all courses taught in grades 4-12.

    2. Students in grades K-3 will receive a performance-based evaluation (e.g. Satisfactory, Growth, Accomplished, In Progress, Needs Improvement, etc.)

    3. Students in grades 4-12 will receive numeric grades.

    4. End-of-Course Tests (EOCT) administered in high school courses must be used as the final examination for the course and must count as 15% of the final grade for the course. 

    5. Grades issued in a home school setting will be recorded as Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U).  No numeric or letter grades will be recorded.

    Student performance at each grade or organization level will be graded as follows:

     Grades 4-12 




    Excellent achievement at the assigned performance level.








    Above average achievement at the assigned performance level.








    Average achievement at the assigned performance level.








    Failure to achieve at the assigned performance level.












    No evaluation at this time.

Last Modified on October 8, 2008