• Research & Reports 

    This document summarizes:
    - External (Georgia State University) study of impacts related to the 2009 cheating;
    - Internal 2014-2015 data analysis for current APS students who may have been impacted;
    - Past APS intervention efforts and remedial programs;
    - 2014-2015 global interventions and programs in reading and math; and
    - Possible next steps for supporting students through graduation.  
    The data contained herein provides an overview of the students being served by the Target 2021 initiative. All data from fall 2015 unless otherwise noted. Data include performance in reading and mathematics, the percentage of students in various support programs, demographic information, and course failure data.  These data are provided to better understand and to better serve the students of Target 2021.
    The Long-run Effects of Cheating (CRCT Report)
    This document utilizes a panel of individual‐level data on students and teachers from APS, and investigates the effects of teacher cheating on subsequent student achievement, attendance and student behavior.
    Last Revised: October 19, 2015