Tauheedah Baker-Jones
  • Tauheedah Baker-Jones, Chief Equity and Social Justice Officer

    In my role as CESJO, I want to focus our efforts where it matters most: on creating schools that are equitable and inclusive centers of learning, where caring teachers are engaging their students in rigorous, culturally responsive experiences so that all children excel. Ensuring that this happens in every APS classroom is not the responsibility of one individual. It requires leadership from everyone — our Board of Education, central office staff, support team members and our great teachers and leaders in every school. Our teachers and school leaders do the most important work in our organization — preparing students for the future — and I am excited to partner with them to create greater equity in pursuit of ensuring that we provide an excellent, equitable and engaging educational experience for every child, in every classroom, every day.

    In this entry plan as CESJO, my goal is to create a foundation upon which we can build a stronger future — for our community, for our APS team members and, most importantly, for our students. And I look forward to hearing your continued feedback to expand and update this plan, as needed, as we all strive for and focus on ensuring that equity remains at the forefront of all that we do.


    Warm regards,