• APS Student Calendar Development Process and Proposed Timeline

    The Atlanta Board of Education (APS BOE) is in the process of developing the student calendar in blocks of 3 (three) school years for SY 2025-2026, SY 2026-2027, and SY 2027-2028. The Student Calendar process is guided by goals and guidelines set forth by the APS Board of Education. The process is being led by the Academics Division and supported by key district leaders. APS desires to create a student calendar that seamlessly aligns with educational goals, maximizes learning opportunities, and fosters community engagement. 

    Feedback from a variety of sources is considered as the school calendar is developed.

    November - December
    • 1st Calendar Survey to Stakeholders
    • Focus Groups
    • Data Collection
    January - February
    • Advisory Committee Meets
    • Continue Focus Groups
    • Draft 3 Calendar Options
    • First APS Student Calendar Presentation to Senior Cabinet (Draft Calendars)
    February - March
    • 2nd Calendar Survey to Stakeholders
    • Second APS Student Calendar Presentation to Senior Cabinet (Final Calendar Recommendation & APS BOE DRAFT Presentation)
    April - June
    • May: APS BOE - First Read - Student Calendars SY 25-26, SY 26-27, and SY 27-28
    • June: APS BOE - Vote on final draft
    • Communicate to Stakeholders


    APS Student Calendar Process

    Phase I 

    This process began in November 2023. Stakeholders had the opportunity to participate in the Student Calendar survey and provide input on the current calendar, student break preferences, professional learning days, school start and end dates, and other aspects that would help shape the parameters for the 3-year school calendar.

    Focus Groups were also held with the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council (November 30), the Expanded Cabinet (December 13, 2023), the APS Board of Education Student Advisory Council (December 13, 2023), G3 Conversation with GO Team members (January 6, 2024), and the Superintendent's Principal Advisory (January 10, 2024). 

    Calendar Survey Phase 1 Results

    Phase II

    A committee comprised of teachers, staff, GO Team members, and community members met in January to begin reviewing the student calendar survey data and stakeholder feedback with the end goal of drafting several options of the next block of three year student calendars (2025-2026, 2026-2027, and 2027-2028) for stakeholder considerations during the February-March survey administration.

    Committee Presentations

    Meeting 1: APS School Calendar Development Committee - Meeting 1

    Meeting 2: APS School Calendar Development Committee - Meeting 2

    Meeting 3: APS School Calendar Development Committee - Meeting 3

    Meeting 4: APS School Calendar Development Committee - Meeting 4


Last Modified on March 18, 2024