1/12 Atlanta Board Re-elects Chair & Vice Chair

Atlanta Board of Education Re-elects Chair and Vice Chair

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Board of Education voted to re-elect Courtney D. English, At-Large Seat 7, Districts 1 and 2, as its board chair and Nancy M. Meister, District 4, as vice chair, each of whom will serve in their leadership positions for two more years.
Atlanta Board of Education  
(Back row from l-r): Atlanta Board of Education Members Steven D. Lee, District 5; Jason Esteves, At-Large Seat 9 (Districts 5 & 6) ; Byron D. Amos, District 2; Leslie Grant, District 1; (Front row from l-r): Matt Westmoreland, District 3; Nancy M. Meister, District 4; Courtney D. English, At-Large Seat 7 (Districts 1 & 2); Eshé P. Collins, District 6; and Cynthia Briscoe Brown, At-Large Seat 8 (Districts 3 & 4).
Photo Credit: Atlanta Public Schools
The elections were held this afternoon during the January board organizational meeting. The members of the Atlanta Board of Education are:
  • Leslie Grant, District 1
  • Byron D. Amos, District 2
  • Matt Westmoreland, District 3
  • Nancy M. Meister, District 4
  • Steven D. Lee, District 5
  • Eshé P. Collins, District 6
  • Courtney D. English, At-Large Seat 7, Districts 1 and 2
  • Cynthia Briscoe Brown, At-Large Seat 8, Districts 3 and 4
  • Jason F. Esteves, At-Large Seat 9, Districts 5 and 6

The following board committees were announced at this meeting, while other board committee appointments will be announced in February:
  • Accountability: Courtney D. English, chair; Nancy M. Meister and Steven D. Lee
  • Audit: Eshé P. Collins, Leslie Grant and Matt Westmoreland
  • Budget: Matt Westmoreland, chair; Byron D. Amos and Nancy M. Meister
  • Policy Review: Eshé P. Collins, chair; Cynthia Briscoe Brown and Jason F. Esteves
  • Legislative Liaison: Jason F. Esteves and Matt Westmoreland
The Atlanta Board of Education plays a critical role in governing Atlanta Public Schools (APS) – from adopting district wide policies and approving the annual budget, to appointing and evaluating the superintendent. Many are former teachers, APS alumni, parents of APS students and/or community leaders.

For more information about the board, visit www.atlantapublicschools.us/board

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