6.9 Atlanta Board of Education Approves Atlanta Public Schools’ $1.4 Billion Budget for 2021-2022 School Year

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June 9, 2021


Atlanta Board of Education Approves Atlanta Public Schools’ $1.4 Billion Budget for 2021-2022 School Year

Budget Includes a Comprehensive Compensation Strategy Worth over $23.8 Million, $31.7 Million in Academic Recovery Efforts, and over $9.1 Million in Physical and Mental Health and Wellness


ATLANTA — At its monthly administrative meeting on Monday, June 7, the Atlanta Board of Education approved Atlanta Public Schools’ $1.4 billion budget for the 2021-2022 school year. The spending plan includes over $23.8 million in staff compensation enhancements, along with nearly $50 million for programs, technology and resources focused on student success.


“We remain committed to putting our students and schools first and our FY2022 budget reflects that focus,” said Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring. “An essential element of that philosophy is making sure we have highly qualified, dedicated professionals in our classrooms, schools, and administrative offices, who are passionate about our efforts to prepare all of our students for success,” she continued.  


“It is also important that the district’s FY2022 budget include strategies focused on student and staff wellness and well-being, given the trauma we’ve all experienced over this past year due to the pandemic. I want to thank the Board of Education, our Budget Commission members, and our Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Bracken, and her team for their hard work. We believe this budget is fair, balanced, and equitable and it will enable us to continue the work of ensuring every student graduates ready for college, career, and life.”


Highlights of Atlanta Public Schools’ FY2022 budget include:


Compensation Upgrades: $23.8m

  • Step raises for all eligible employees on a pay grade/step (ranges from 1% to 1.7%).
  • $15 minimum wage increase for all hourly employees.
  • Daily rate increase for substitute employees.
  • Additional market increases for the teacher pay scale, resulting in 2% to 9% pay raises, depending on years of experience.
  • Increase the number of steps on the instructional support pay scale from 24 to 28 and the doctorate degree stipend from $2,000 to $4,000.
  • $3,000 retention stipends for special education teachers.
  • $500 - $2,000 retention stipends for all staff in high poverty schools (with >65% direct certification).
  • Converting some hourly special education paraprofessionals to full time with benefits, and
  • Market adjustments for specific employee groups, including the police department, graduation coaches, HVAC technicians, and coaches of new sports.


Equity Initiatives: $377k

  • Designation of District Equity Champions. Champions continue to serve in their primary position with the district and also lead professional learning related to equity.
  • Diversity Management Software, streamlines and automates data-gathering, tracking, reporting, vendor management, and administrative processes.
  • District wide professional learning opportunities as outlined in our District-wide Equity Professional Learning Plan.
  • Supplier Diversity Outreach and Education Program.


Academic Recovery Efforts: $31.7m

  • Academic Universal Screener $665k.
  • Extension of the elementary school day by 30 minutes $8.2m.
  • Summer learning and summer enrichment (Academic Recovery Academy) $7.2m.
  • Compensatory services for students with disabilities $1.2.
  • Over $14m in CARES funding distributed to schools to support academic intervention $14.4m.


Physical & Mental Health and Wellness: $9.1m

  • COVID-19 surveillance testing* $3m.
  • Eight (8) Student Support Specialists $1m.
  • Contracted nursing services $800k.
  • Universal screener for Behavioral and Mental Health $300k.
  • Employee training for Trauma- Informed Care/Practices $115k.
  • Ten (10) additional Psychologists $1.1m.
  • Twenty-five (25) additional School Social Workers $2.8m.


Other Instructional and Operational Enhancements: $7.9m

  • Increased Technology and Technology Services - Continuation of Board approved (August 2020) 1-to-1 device strategy for students and to purchase additional panels for classrooms $4.5m
  • Connectivity for 14,000 students (e.g. unlimited data hotspots) $2.1m
  • Thirteen (13) Additional Instructional Technology Specialist positions $1.3m
  • New instruments and equipment for our growing fine arts programs $86k
  • Operational costs, including improvements to HVAC systems, bottle fillers, and lead water testing $10.6m


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