• Welcome to the Accounts Payable Department

    Our Mission...

    The mission of the Accounts Payable Department is to make timely and accurate payments to vendors for goods and services and to employees for approved activities including travel, reimbursements and incurred operating expenses.

    Our Vision...

    The Accounts Payable Department is committed to serve Atlanta Public Schools and support student success by ensuring one hundred percent compliance of the district's accounts payable policies, practices and procedures for timely and accurate payments. We strive for continuous improvement through customer feedback, research and staff development.

    Our Values...

    The Accounts Payable Department ensures excellent vendor management that will provide our students and stakeholders with the tools and resources for a world class education. We value;

    Excellent customer service

    Accuracy and integrity

    Adding value

    Creating a positive environment

    Team work

    Vendor Information

    The Accounts Payable Department values the business relationships with our vendors and is committed to providing our vendors with a world class customer experience, which ultimately provides vendors with timely payments and supports student success.

    To ensure timely payment of invoices, please follow these guidelines;

    Please mail all invoices to the following address:

    The Atlanta Public Schools

    Accounts Payable Department

    P.O. Box 4659

    Atlanta, GA 30302

    Please do not mail invoices to schools, departments (except accounts payable), or hand deliver any invoices, as this results in delayed payments.

    All vendors must submit a W-9 tax form to the Atlanta Public Schools Procurement Department to be registered as a vendor. Upon registration, vendors will be assigned a vendor number. The Accounts Payable Department is unable to pay vendors without a vendor number.

    All vendors must obtain a valid purchase order number issued by the Atlanta Public Schools Procurement Department prior to delivering goods or rendering services. Purchases under $2,000 may be paid with a purchasing visa card authorized by the school or department requesting for goods or service.

    Vendors must submit an original invoice which should include the following information:

    • Vendor name, address (mailing and remit to),telephone number, invoice number, invoice date, and a valid purchase order number issued by the Atlanta Public Schools Procurement Department.
    • Ship to location & address (school/department).
    • Description of goods & services/quantity/unit amount/extended amount.
    • Discounts and shipping charges (if applicable).
    • Indication of “partial” shipment if such is the case. Partial shipments must have the prior approval/consent of the Procurement Department. Multiple shipping charges as a result of partial shipments (without authorization) will not be honored.
    • Credit memos must reference the original invoice number, date and purchase order number to which the credit applies.
    • Proof of delivery may be requested to confirm shipment. Proof of delivery should include the requester’s original signature, printed name and date of receipt.
    • Packing slips issued to schools should include a listing of items shipped and the purchase order number.

    Atlanta Public Schools is a non-profit organization and therefore, we are tax exempt. Our Georgia State sales tax exemption number is 060-62-8756. Our federal I.D. number is 58-6000134.

    Disclaimer: Vendors who deliver goods, render services or conduct business before they have received a valid purchase order number issued by the Atlanta Public Schools Procurement Department do so at their own risk, and are in jeopardy of not receiving payment.





Atlanta Public Schools Purchasing Card Manual

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