• ***** Facilities Management eXpress (FMX) Is Coming! *****

    What is FMX?

    FMX is a warehouse service management solution that gives Atlanta Public Schools the ability to:

    • Effortlessly submit electronic warehouse services/resources work order      requests.

    • Track real-time status of logistics and warehouse order requests.

    • Streamline service processes.


    What is FMX replacing?

    FMX is replacing the current Warehouse Shopping Cart Management System (AIMS) and will be the new districtwide service management system for APS.


    When will it happen?

    Atlanta Public Schools will implement FMX in January 2024. AIMS and FMX will run simultaneously for several weeks while users are getting acquainted with the FMX application. Training will happen in phases until FMX is the sole application for Warehouse and Logistics Services.


    Why are we making this change?

    • Streamline request submissions and increase ability to receive orders and    services.

    • Improve end-user communication and transparency for warehouse and logistics requests.

    • Improve management of compliance issues and the scheduling of recurring tasks at our schools.

    • Reduce inventory capacity and increase orders availability.

    • Controls supplies and student base equipment lifespans and programs deadlines.

    • Effectively coordinate the setup for events and meetings in our schools.

    • Provide more reports, data, and analytics to track and monitor performance.


    Who is impacted?

    • All APS employees who submit requests to Warehouse Services Department.

    • All APS employees in district Schools and Departments.


    What do we need from you?

    • Be on the lookout for upcoming go-live dates for the FMX application.

    • Be on the lookout for training announcements in your email.

    Facilities Management eXpress (FMX) Is Coming Soon………….