Students who are returning from short-term or long-term detainment, currently under, or recently completed a long-term suspension or expulsion from another school district, or in the custody of the Department of Human Services (DHS), must complete the Atlanta Public Schools Discipline Placement Application.  

    Click here for the Discipline Placement Application

    Note:  To expedite processing, please take a picture of your ID and upload in the file.  Also, please include all contact information.  

    Once an application is complete, the parent, guardian, or student (aged 18 or older) will be contacted by the Office of Student Discipline for an additional consultation within two (2) business days.  Additionally, the Office of Student Discipline will contact a representative from the detention center or alternative education center for consultation to confirm charges, obtain additional details about the case, and assist in determining placement for the student.  The student will be placed in his or her zone school, as opposed to an alternative educational setting, unless the case management consultation team concludes that the best placement for the child would be the alternative setting.  

    If you need support in completing the application or have additional questions, please contact

    Mrs. Joanne Govan
    Phone: 404-802-2261
    Fax: 404-802-9013
    Student-Parent Advocate



    Ms. Aquila Welcome 

    Phone: 404-802-2765

    Student-Parent Advocate