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    The Office of Student Discipline provides leadership, support, and resources to aid our school environments in remaining orderly, safe, and conducive to learning. We offer guidance to assist schools in preventing and addressing discipline matters, and our office works tirelessly to ensure that all students who violate school rules and policies are afforded their rights to due process. 
    All students are safe, happy, and have an opportunity to thrive and learn in a school environment that is free from unnecessary distractions.
    To establish disciplinary guidelines and support the imposition of policies that empower youth, encourage self-management, and breed responsible decision making in all students.  
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    Mr. Jose Mena

    Director of Student Discipline

    Phone: 404-802-2211
    Fax: 404-802-9013


    Mr. Alfredo Garcia

    Student-Parent Advocate

    Phone: 404-802-1799
    Fax: 404-802-9013



    Mr. Jabari Parker

    Student-Parent Advocate

    Phone: 404-802-2261
    Fax: 404-802-9013