• Every student has rights. A right is a freedom or protection that a person has. Rights define what is allowed of a person or owed to a person. This is a short survey to gather your input on a potential student-generated Bill of Rights for Atlanta Public Schools.  The purpose of the Student Bill of Rights is to clarify, protect, promote, and inform students of their basic rights. The Student Advisory Council will use your answers to influence Atlanta Public Schools and the creation of a Student Bill of Rights. Your input will help the Student Advisory Council and other student leaders like you answer the question: How can we as APS students show the APS Board, district leaders, principals, teachers, our families, community members, etc. (without having a meeting or giving a presentation) what we want and expect in school?

    We value student feedback!


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    The Student Bill of Rights will be a powerful guide for all of us – students, families, APS staff, and the community, as we aim to prepare every student for college, career, and life.