• Student Engagement and Voice...An Overview


    "When we lift and set student voice as a priority in our work, we bring focus to the purpose of our 'why' as educators...We must continuously keep at the forefront that our students deserve to be seen, heard, and valued in all aspects of the educational setting. Our students bring schools to life and it is our responsibility as leaders to connect with them and to cultivate joy in learning."

    ~ Dr. Rose Prejean-Harris  

  • Purpose (The Why…): The purpose of fostering student engagement is to create a culture of active participation, collaboration, empowerment, and leadership that aims to support our schools and district offices. Increasing student engagement will inspire opportunities for students to engage meaningfully in their educational journey, develop essential skills, and contribute to the school community and beyond.


    Vision (Our Hopes…): Our vision for student engagement is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive district environment where students are inspired and empowered to take ownership of their education, make positive contributions, function as key collaborators, and become effective leaders. We envision developing students who are confident, engaged, and equipped with the skills necessary to excel academically, socially, and personally.


        This graphic illustrates the vision for student engagement in Atlanta Public Schools.

    SOURCE: Toshalis, Eric & Michael Nakkula. 2012. Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice: The Students at the Center Series. Boston, MA: Jobs for the Future. http://www.studentsatthecenterhub.org/resource/motivation-engagement-and-student-voice.

  • Research on Student Engagement and Voice 

  • What is Student Engagement?

    What is Student Engagement?

    What is student engagement? – One often struggles to find a compelling answer to that question, although everyone agrees it’s important. Many would also argue there is a big difference between being emotionally engaged and cognitively engaged. This only throws up further quandaries: ‘how many types of engagement are there?’ or ‘which different engagement dimensions need to be met before we agree that a student is fully engaged?’

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  • 2023 Student Engagement

    2023 Student Engagement

    Strong student engagement in learning is characterized by curiosity, participation, and a drive to learn more.

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  • Student at the Center...Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice

    Student at the Center...Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice

    Engagement consistently has been found to be a robust predictor of student performance and behavior in the classroom...

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  • Student Engagement

    Student Engagement

    In education, student engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught, which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education.

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