•  Multimedia + Brand Design


    The Multimedia + Brand Design team in the Office of Communications provides creative design support and brand oversight for our district. Simply put, we help you design what you need to communicate your work, and we make sure that everything seen by our stakeholders presents our district professionally and consistently. Schools, divisions and departments can work with us in a number of ways to create effective and engaging visual elements. Sometimes we merely provide guidance and brand approval for self-designed elements, or, most often, we own the design process and produce everything from department text treatments and iconography, to large-scale campaign or event branding like posters, banners, t-shirts, etc.

    Whether we take the lead with your design needs or support you as you create your own elements, we’re ready to help you bring your visual communications to life in a way that effectively promotes your initiative while appropriately representing the Atlanta Public Schools brand.

    Download and read the Atlanta Public Schools Style Guide + Brand Standards to familiarize yourself with our standards and best practices before creating your own collateral elements.  You can also view and download templates and logos from the link list on the left side of this screen.

    View and Download the APS Style Guide + Brand Standards. (Update pending)

    Please Note: All submitted copy for use in design projects must be final and approved by your department head.
    First drafts will take a minimum of five business days after all approved content is submitted by your department, however, during the months of June, July, September and October the delivery time for a first draft will be ten business days due to the high volume of projects. Your feedback is required within 48 hours of your receipt of the first draft.
    This timeline does not include printing or production time. Please plan accordingly.
    Design Project Timeline