• Multimedia + Brand Design



    The Multimedia Design team oversees the visual identity and design of the Atlanta Public Schools website as a marketing and communications channel. However, each APS division, department and school is responsible for the content and regular updates of their specific site or pages.

    While the Multimedia Design team provides support for content questions and fulfills user editing privilege requests, it is not possible for the Multimedia Design team to resolve technical issues. Please feel free to contact the Multimedia Design team at Multimedia@atlanta.k12.ga.us with general website questions, but be aware that it may be necessary to refer you to Information Technology to resolve some issues.


    To be granted editing privileges to update your department, division or school pages, follow these instructions:

    • Click REGISTER in the top right corner of this page.
    • Follow the instructions to create a user account. The user name and password are not connected to the APS Employee Lawson login.
    • Once you have completed your user name and password creation, email your new username to Multimedia@atlanta.k12.ga.us along with the page or section to which you need access. A member of our team will notify you when access has been granted.


    Once you have been granted edit access to your department, division or school pages, see below for online resources from Blackboard-School Wires to help you get started. 





    Webinar #1
    Section Workspace
    This introduction to Centricity and web design will teach you how to design your own pages,
    drag and drop the order of your hierarchy and create pages for teachers and school leaders.  
    Webinar #2
    Schoolwires Editor - What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)
    Take your site to the next level by adding photos, tables, links and more.   
    Learn how to enhance pages and build dynamic school based sites.