Social Media

  • The Social Media team develops and implements social media campaigns that utilize all of the district’s platforms and channels to engage with internal and external stakeholders.


Social Media Channels

Social Media Protocols and Best Practices

  • The Chief Communications Officer will approve any new social media accounts for APS schools or departments. Please submit the request through the Communications Request Form.

    • Communications Ambassadors should avoid posting personal information to a school account. 
    • APS employees should exercise professional judgment when posting to APS social media accounts and should not include personal thoughts, opinions, or viewpoints on District accounts.


    • For departments, “APS” shall be used at the beginning or end of the handle. For examples @APSComms, @JoinTeamAPS. 
    • You must use the APS logo, your department logo/lockup, or school logo as the profile picture. 
    • To help make your account more credible (considering some schools have duplicates or are inactive), I suggest using this line in your bio, “The official Instagram account for … of Atlanta Public Schools”. 
      • i.e., The official Instagram account for The Instructional Technology Department of Atlanta Public Schools. 
      • i.e., The official Instagram account for Atlanta Public Schools’ Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School. All schools/departments should add the appropriate website to any social media accounts. 
    • If the school’s Instagram account is a Business page, add the location in the location section of the profile. This is only available for Business Instagram accounts. Department social media accounts do not need to add a location, only a website. 
    • Leadership should have access to school or department social media accounts.
      • The login information for all social media accounts must be shared with your Chief or Principal AND the District Office of Communications in case of an emergency. 
    • Please share your school or department username/handles and the platform you are on with the Office of Communications to ensure we follow the most up-to-date account and engage with you on social media! 
    • If your department or school has a social media account, the minimum posting required is two (2) times per week.
      • School Comms Ambassadors may have a different directive from their school leadership team, which they should follow while considering our recommendation. Updated 11/14/2023 DFW DISTRICT EMPLOYEES 
    • Employees CAN NOT use their personal accounts as school/department accounts. School/Department accounts must be separate and have only APS/School branding and content. 
    • Please do not use the APS logo on graphics to promote personal development, achievement, or events. The APS logo should only be used on school-branded content or content created by the Office of Communications.



    • Use the form to submit a social media coverage request: Communications Request Form
      • Please give our team a minimum of 2 weeks' notice for event coverage. 
      • We are excited to share your good news! 
      • We will do our best to re-share content we are tagged in when appropriate and does not interfere with our content strategy, i.e., During graduation, we will only re-share content related to graduation after we have completed our graduation posting. 
    • Supt/SAC/BOE can use the collab feature on Instagram. Collab Post allows the other user to accept or decline the post. It will only appear on the feed/profile if the other user accepts it. 
      • All other departments should only tag us in photos and/or comments on Instagram and Facebook or use #AtlantaPublicSchools. 
    • On Twitter, now known as X, every user can tag @apsupdate and/or use #AtlantaPublicSchools. 


Social Media Protocols and Best Practices - Printable Copy

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