• Dr. Lisa Herring


    Embracing a passionate belief that education is the greatest equalizer, Dr. Herring believes in the inner strength, power, and talent of all children. Success, she says, does not rest on where we begin in life but how each of us maximizes our talents and pursues our purpose. The concept is critical in serving, supporting and educating children and future leaders.

    A Macon, Georgia, native and graduate of both Spelman College and Georgia Southern University, Dr. Herring established her professional career by teaching in both public and private schools in urban and rural settings. These experiences allow her to impact the lives of students from diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

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    Anita Williams

    Chief of Schools

    As Chief of Schools, Ms. Anita Williams is responsible for providing coaching, support and supervision for all of APS’ traditional schools. Additionally, she works closely with the Academics Division to help monitor academic progress of initiatives aligned to student focused outcomes. In this role, Ms. Williams provides the strategic direction for the Division of Schools, which also includes the Office of Charter and Partner Schools, Student Registration, Discipline and Leadership Development departments.

    Anita Williams brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as 33 years of expertise which she uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to joining Atlanta Public Schools in August of 2020, Ms. Williams held multiple leadership roles including High School Principal at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan and Instructional Superintendent in Birmingham City Schools in Alabama.

    She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio, a Master’s Degree from University of Detroit in Detroit, Michigan and an Education Specialist Certification from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Tauheedah Baker-Jones

    Chief Equity & Social Justice Officer

    As Chief Equity and Social Justice Officer, Dr. Tauheedah Baker-Jones is responsible for leading the district’s efforts to build a culture of equity and inclusion for all students, families, and employees. In this role, Dr. Baker-Jones provides the strategic direction for the district’s Equity Strategy and Coherence Team, Office of Federal Programs, Organizational Ombuds and Office of Family Engagement as well as working with other divisions, departments and schools to ensure that district programming and operations is conducted through the lens of equity.

    Dr. Baker-Jones brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as 19 years of expertise which she uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to joining Atlanta Public Schools in 2020, Dr. Baker-Jones held multiple leadership roles, including serving as a Program Director at Urban Arts Partnership in New York City, a Principal and Superintendent of a social-justice themed charter district in New Jersey, a Senior Fellow at the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, Senior Strategic Advisor to the Superintendent at Atlanta Public Schools, and currently serves on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Education to Workforce Advisory Board.

    She completed her general studies at Howard University and earned a B.A. with honors in History and Near-Eastern Languages and Culture from UCLA. She also earned a M.Ed. in Urban Education and Social Justice Pedagogy from UCLA, a M.P.A. in Nonprofit Management from Rutgers University, and an Ed.L.D. from Harvard University.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Jerod Bishop

    Chief of Staff

    As Chief of Staff, Mr. Jerod Bishop is responsible for ensuring proper coordination of activities and priorities within the school district’s major functional areas of administration. He provides operational assistance by managing special projects, leading key initiatives, and resolving complex issues. He also serves as a key strategic planner, advisor, decision-maker, and problem solver for the Superintendent.

    In this role, Mr. Bishop provides the strategic direction for the school district’s Communications & Public Engagement, Policy & Governance, Charter Systems, Partnerships & Development, Strategy Management and Organizational Change. As well as coordinating and supporting other functions of the Senior Cabinet.

    After spending a short period of time in corporate America, Mr. Bishop began his journey in K-12 education over 12 years ago starting as a paraprofessional and student shadow. After falling in love with serving students and families, Mr. Bishop left the classroom setting and joined district central office operations in 2011.

    Prior to joining Atlanta Public Schools in 2020, Mr. Bishop held multiple leadership roles starting in his home district of Darlington County School District, Darlington, SC; Charleston County School District, Charleston, SC; and Birmingham City Schools, Birmingham, AL. Mr. Bishop has held district level roles that include Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic Project Manager, Equity & Access Manager, Special Assistant to Superintendent & Board, and Executive Coordinator for Policy, Governance & External Affairs.

    He earned his undergraduate degree from Coker College (now Coker University) in Business Administration in Hartsville, SC. He has also earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Project Management Certification, and Leadership Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives. He is also a 2018 fellow of Harvard University’s Public Education Leadership Project.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Lisa Bracken

    Chief Financial Officer

    Lisa Bracken was named Chief Financial Officer of Atlanta Public Schools in September of 2017. As CFO, Lisa leads several key business functions including accounting, payroll, benefits & risk management, procurement & logistics, and budget. During her tenure, she led the district through the process of adopting a weighted student funding formula, positioning equity at the forefront of school allocations. She brings more than 16 years experience in public education budget and finance including her previous work in Fulton County School System.

    Lisa is an influential leader who serves on several financial committees and boards and was nominated for the Atlanta Business Chronicle CFO of The Year Award for 2018.

    As a subject matter expert, she has presented at numerous conferences across the country sharing her strategic initiatives to support growth and maximize benefit across several networks. Lisa has her bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. She’s currently in an Educational Leadership program at Georgia State University.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Yolonda Brown

    Chief Academic Officer

    As Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Ms. Yolonda Brown is responsible for setting the strategic vision and direction for the instructional framework and approach to Atlanta Public Schools’ academic programs and is a key lever to accomplish the district’s academic goals. In this role, Ms. Brown provides the strategic direction for the school district’s Teaching and Learning, Student Support Services and Instructional Technology Departments, as well as works to build authentic partnerships between district offices and schools to ensure closer alignment of district resources with school needs, to implement an instructional plan for the district.

    Ms. Brown brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as over 25+ years of service which she uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to being selected as the Chief Academic Officer for Atlanta Public Schools in November 2020, Yolonda held multiple leadership roles within APS including previously serving as a District Level Model Teacher Leader, Elementary School Principal (Founding Principal of Springdale Park Elementary School (SPARK) and Associate Superintendent of Schools.

    She earned a B.A. Degree in Elementary Education at Clemson University in Clemson, SC, a M.Ed. in Middle Grades Education, with a concentration in Science at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Leadership Certification at Clark-Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Skye Duckett

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    As Chief Human Resources Officer, Ms. Skye Duckett is responsible for the recruitment, selection, staffing, compensation and retention for over 6,000 employees across 70 urban schools in the capital city of Atlanta, Georgia. In that role, Ms. Duckett provides the strategic direction for the departments of Employee Relations, Talent Management and Human Resource (HR) Services, as well as employee well-being.

    Skye Duckett has over eighteen years of experience in human resources for public school systems in Georgia and Texas, plus experience in healthcare. Previously, Skye was responsible for recruiting, hiring, and developing administrators for Austin ISD, the fifth largest school system in Texas. Skye received Master’s of Management and Bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Science degrees from Texas A&M University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

    A true Gen-Xer, she is passionate about continuously improving HR processes through technology and innovation. She pairs her passion for the business of human resources with a strong value of public education from her parents, who are both educators, to improve the educational experience for students and teachers every day.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Larry Hoskins

    Chief of Operations

    As Chief of Operations, Mr. Larry Hoskins is responsible for district support operations. In that role, Mr. Hoskins provides the strategic direction for the school district’s Student Transportation Services, Facilities Services, Capital Development and Construction, Nutrition Services, Safety and Security and Athletics.

    Mr. Hoskins brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as 25+ years of expertise which he uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to joining Atlanta Public Schools in 2009, Mr. Hoskins held multiple leadership roles including previously serving as the Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Columbus City Schools, Columbus, Ohio, and as the Chief of Business Operations, Dayton Public Schools, Dayton, Ohio.

    He earned a B.S. in Human Factors Engineering at the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado and is a distinguished graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Matt Smith

    Chief Performance Officer

    As Chief Performance Officer, Dr. Matt Smith is responsible for the implementation of technology, the gathering, analysis, and oversight of student data and information, as well as the strategic development of systems of district innovation and continuous improvement. In that role, Dr. Smith provides the strategic direction for the school district’s departments of Data & Information, Information Technology, as well as the department of Innovation, Improvement, and Redesign.

    Dr. Smith brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as 15 years of service which he uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to joining Atlanta Public Schools in 2021, Dr. Smith held multiple leadership roles across several organizations including Clayton County (GA) Public Schools as K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Director, Assistant Principal, and Principal, Birmingham City Schools (Birmingham, AL) as Special Assistant to the Superintendent, and the A+ Education Partnership (Montgomery, AL) as Vice President of Policy.

    He earned a B.A. in History at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, an M.A.T. in Secondary Social Science at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA, an Ed.S in Education Leadership at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA, and an Ed.L.D. in Education Leadership from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Nina Gupta

    General Counsel

    As General Counsel, Ms. Nina Gupta is responsible for all legal affairs and serves as the chief legal advisor to the Board and Atlanta Public Schools. In that role, Ms. Gupta provides the strategic direction for the school district’s Office of General Counsel, as well as providing legal and strategic advice to help all divisions within Atlanta Public Schools achieve their mission and goals while remaining in legal compliance.

    Ms. Gupta brings a wealth of diverse professional experience to this position as well as 20 years of expertise which she uses in supporting the district’s mission and serving its students.

    Prior to being appointed Atlanta Public Schools’ General Counsel in 2019, Ms. Gupta held multiple leadership roles, including previously serving as Deputy General Counsel to Atlanta Public Schools. She is a partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough and has been recognized as a Leading Lawyer in the field of education law by The Legal 500 and has been repeatedly recognized as a Georgia Super Lawyer.

    She earned a B.A., with Honors, in Psychology at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, and a J.D. from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.