• Office of Organizational Ombuds

    Office of the Organizational Ombuds Mission and Vision

    The Office of the Organizational Ombuds is committed to supporting student success and equity by providing a neutral and informal platform for resolution of concerns, resource sharing, family and community engagement, and collaborative discussion.

    Staff of the office serve as catalysts for enhancing fairness, inclusion, and the elimination of inequitable policies and procedural barriers that may adversely impact student and family engagement.

    The Office of the Ombuds is dedicated to ensuring confidentiality and impartiality are core guiding principles of the work accomplished in collaboration with students, families, employees, and stakeholders.

  • Strategy-Purpose-Principles

    Office of The Organizational Ombuds: Strategy, Purpose, Principles

    The Office of the Organizational Ombuds examines current APS policies and practices and works to interrupt and eliminate inequitable practices and create inclusive and just conditions for all students.

    The Office is guided by four core principles to enhance the support provided to students, employees, families, and stakeholders.

    Four strengths of the Ombuds office