• Resources for APS Employees

    The Organizational Ombuds works with APS employees to field questions and address informal concerns. Atlanta Public Schools employees are encouraged to work with the Division of Human Resources and the Office of Employee Relations for any of the following:

    • Official district communication regarding employee policies, procedures, and protocols
    • Formal employee complaints and grievances
    • Facilitation of formal mediation conferences for employee matters

    Employees that believe they have been exposed to discriminatory practices or unfair treatment in the workplace should report concerns to their supervisor (i.e., principal, site manager, etc.) or to the Office of Internal Resolutions/Employee Relations (OIR/ER).

    Strategies for Employee Communication 

    • Clearly state your needs to colleagues and your designated manager
    • Establish an open line of communication to gain clarity Maintain a solution-oriented perspective and attitude when communicating with leadership, colleagues, and stakeholders
    • Be transparent about tasks and assigned work deliverables
    • Hear and accept constructive feedback
    • Discuss goals that could benefit individual and team growth
    • Document performance-related concerns in writing