• Frequently Asked Questions


    What is an Organizational Ombuds?

    The Organizational Ombuds is tasked with facilitating fair, equitable, and independent resolution of concerns, complaints, and other district or school specific matters. Within Atlanta Public Schools, the Office of the Organizational Ombuds works to provide families, students, employees, and stakeholders with support and referrals to resources.

    Is information shared with the Organizational Ombuds confidential, or will there be disclosure to other Atlanta Public Schools personnel or stakeholders?

    No. the Office of the Organizational Ombuds maintains confidentiality for all matters that are disclosed through written correspondence or conversations. One of the guiding principles for the office is confidentiality. Therefore, the only exception to disclosure of information would occur in instances where there is a perceived risk of injury or threat to safety.

    Is there a fee for communicating with the Ombuds?

    No. There are no fees associated with working with the Office of the Organizational Ombuds. The Office exists to provide informal assistance in resolving concerns while providing support in the form of advocacy strategies and resource referrals.