• Office of Ombuds Handbook

  • Parent Expectations and Responsibilities


    Atlanta Public Schools encourages parent involvement in the education of their student(s). The Code of Student Conduct outlines key focus areas related to parent participation, expectations, and responsibilities.


    Parents/Guardians may expect:

    • To be actively involved in their child’s education
    • To be treated respectfully by the school principal, teachers, and other staff
    • To access information about the Atlanta Public Schools (Board) policies and procedures
    • To be notified promptly if their child is disciplined for inappropriate or disruptive behavior and informed of the consequences assigned
    • To appeal disciplinary actions taken by the student disciplinary hearing officer
    • To receive information about their child’s academic and behavioral progress


    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    • To read and become familiar with the APS Student Code of Conduct
    • To make sure their child attends school regularly, on time, and to notify the school before the school day begins if their child is absent
    • To give their child’s school accurate and current contact information and to update that contact information when and if it changes
    • To tell school officials about any concerns or complaints respectfully and in a timely manner
    • To work with the school principal, teachers, and other staff to address any academic or behavioral concerns regarding their child
    • To talk with their child about the behavior expected in school
    • To support their child’s learning and school activities at home
    • To be respectful and courteous to staff, other parents, guardians, and students
    • To respect the privacy rights of other students

    Source: Atlanta Public Schools Board Policy: JCDA-R (1)