• Defining Advocacy and Suggested Advocacy Strategies

    An advocate is a person who speaks up, acts on behalf of, or supports someone else, or a cause. Individuals may also champion their own needs through self-advocacy.

    The Office of the Ombuds works collaboratively with parents, students, and other APS stakeholders to address concerns and provide resources.

    Though the Office of the Ombuds remains neutral and impartial when providing assistance, the following are suggested strategies for becoming an effective advocate:

  • Knowledge

    Learn your rights and the rights of your student if advocating for your child

  • Learn

    Become knowledgeable about policies and procedures that may impact your circumstances

  • Keep good records

    Keep a written record of communication and key points

  • Advocate CESJ

    When advocating for your student, take time to build a relationship with your student’s teacher and school-level administrators

  • Attend meetings

    Come to meetings prepared to communicate your needs and questions clearly

  • goals

    Maintain a goal of solution-focused resolution of your concerns