APS Attendance Policy

    In support of student success, the Atlanta Board of Education expects students to be present at school and to arrive and depart on time in accordance with the provisions of the Georgia compulsory attendance law. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §20- 02-0690.1, parents, guardians or other persons having control or charge of students are liable for the students’ attendance in school. In view of the negative effects of excessive student tardiness and absenteeism on student performance, the Board expects local schools to initiate programs to assist students in improving their attendance and punctuality. Furthermore, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish administrative regulations to implement this policy.

    The Atlanta Board of Education recognizes that daily attendance at school is required for student success. In accordance with the provisions of state board rule 160-5-1-.10, Student Attendance, the Atlanta Board of Education defines acceptable excuses for being absent from school as:

    • Personal illness of the student and/or a situation in which attendance in school would endanger the health of the student or the health of others.  Serious illness or death in the immediate family of the student that would reasonably necessitate absence from school.
    • Special and recognized religious holidays observed by the faith of the student that necessitate absence from school.
    • Mandates by the school or other governmental agencies, such as pre-induction physical examination for service in the armed forces, a court order or out-of-school suspension.
    • Weather or other environmental conditions preventing a student from getting to school or rendering school attendance hazardous to the health or safety of the student.
    • Voter registration or voting in a public election, not to exceed one (1) day per school year.
    • Five (5) days or fewer per school year for a child of a military or National Guard parent who is called to duty in a combat zone or combat-supporting post or for a student whose parent is on leave from such an assignment.
    • Students participating in an activity or program sponsored by 4-H must be counted present at school and cannot be counted absent, either excused or unexcused, for time missed fro school while participating.