Birthday at School

  • School Wellness Policy
    Morningside Elementary School and its PTA will not use food or beverages as rewards or incentives for academic performance, good behavior, or goal attainment.  As an alternative, teachers shall use physical activity, special event coupons, pencils, erasers, stickers, or small prizes as rewards and incentives for academic performance or good behavior.  
    Birthday Policy
    Morningside Elementary School recognizes that birthdays are a special day for our students. We must also ensure that parties and celebrations do not disrupt the instructional day or interfere with the health and safety of all of all students. Birthdays occurring on weekends are recognized the following Monday.  Summer birthdays are recognized before the end of the school year. 
    • Eat lunch with your child: Parents are encouraged to sign-in at the main office and eat lunch with their child on his/her birthday.  Parents, visitors, staff, and students are prohibited from distributing cupcakes, donuts, treats, goody bags, or gifts to other students. 
    • Birthday Bulletin Board: Pictures of students may be displayed on the Birthday Bulletin Board during a student's birthday month. Send in a picture of your child during their birthday month.
    • Birthday Announcements & Table: Every child's name is called during the morning announcements to celebrate the birthday. Children are invited to visit the birthday table outside the principal’s office to receive their birthday pencil, sticker and ribbon.
    Reminder: Please do not send birthday party invitations to school.