Fundraising Initiatives

  • With funds raised from your generosity and the support of PTA volunteers, the Morningside PTA supports the day-to-day needs, operations, and enrichments for our students, staff, and families.

    In 2016-2017, in partnership with the Morningside Foundation, the PTA placed:

    • 42 Promethean high-definition panels in every K- 5 and resource (Challenge, EIP, ESOL, Special Education) classroom ($200,000)
    • 180 Chromebook laptops providing individual technology enrichment for every grade level ($84,000)

     In 2017-2018 the PTA was able to fund:

    • Art supplies and instructional materials ($20,000)
    • Musical instruments and instructional materials ($10,000)
    • Lobby Guard Security Upgrade ($11,500)
    • Kindergarten Center Technology ($25,000)
    • Kindergarten Center Playground ($10,000)

    In 2018-2019, the PTA was able to fund:

    • Media Center Chromebook Cart ($9,500)
    • Apple iPads for Instructional Technology ($9,800)
    • Additional Lobbyguard System and Stand-Up Desks for Front Office at Main Campus ($10,700)
    • Media Center Upgrades: Book Replenish, New Displays, Games, Robotics ($10,000)
    • Musical Instruments ($4,000)
    • Gym Equipment and Speakers ($1,500)
    • Teacher Supplies ($10,000)
    • New Books for Teacher Classrooms ($8,000)

     Thank you for helping us develop our students’ minds to love learning and be well-rounded citizens prepared for the world beyond our doors.

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