Meeting Notice

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  • GO Team Members


    Officer or Representative Position


    Email Address

    Audrey Sofianos  


    Ben Knaebel

    Cluster Representative


    Jen Lieb


    Brooke Linefsky Chair

    Carla Daniels  

    Instructional Staff
    Amelia Morel Vice-Chair

    Instructional Staff
    Allison Espelosin  

    Instructional Staff
    Rob Schuler  

    Community Member
    Betsy McKay  

    Community Member
    Kareem Hall  

    Swing Seat

    Meeting Schedule

    All Meetings Streamed Live to YouTube Channel




    (for hybrid meetings)

    Time Allotted for Public Comment

    (Yes or No)

    7/28/23 Noon Virtual + Live Streamed on YouTube No
    9/11/23 5 pm Library + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes
    10/16/23 5 pm Virtual + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes
    11/13/23 5 pm Library + Live Streamed on YouTube   Yes
    12/4/23* Work Session 3 pm Library + Live Streamed on YouTube No
    12/11/23 5 pm Virtual + Live Streamed on YouTube   Yes
    1/22/24 5 pm Library + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes
    2/5/24 5 pm Virtual + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes
    3/4/24 5 pm Library + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes
    4/15/24  5-6-24 5 pm Virtual + Live Streamed on YouTube Yes

    Public Comment Protocol


    For hybrid/in-person meetings, a sign-up sheet will be available at the door and must be used by any person who wishes to speak during the public comment period.

    For virtual meetings, please sign up no later than 30 minutes prior to the meeting start time by clicking HERE.

    Pursuant to GO Team rules, opportunities for public comment shall be provided at least four (4) times in a school/fiscal year and noted on the meeting agenda.  Public comment opportunities are available for GO Teams to hear from interested members of the community. GO Team members will not provide responses or engage in direct conversation during meetings. Each GO Team may determine a consistent method for receiving public comments and for parents and other citizens to sign up to address the team, provided that the team offer at least 20 minutes of time to the public to make comments, when available, and that the public receive at least 2 business days’ notice of the protocol for signing up to speak. 

    The Morningside Elementary School (“MES”) GO Team hereby provides notice of its Public Comment protocol to the MES Community. The MES GO Team welcomes and encourages citizens to attend its meetings to become better acquainted with the programs of MES and the role of the GO Team. Unless otherwise provided by law, the GO Team meetings are open to the public. Citizens are welcome to attend the meetings but must refrain from interrupting or distracting the GO Team proceedings. For those people wishing to provide comment, designated time periods for public comment are identified on each agenda. Public comment is planned as an official agenda item of every regular meeting of the Morningside GO Team.  Please refer to each published agenda to confirm the time periods, but it is anticipated that there will be two 10-minute time periods during each meeting for the public to offer comment. The first period is scheduled for the first ten minutes of the meeting and the second period is scheduled for the final 10 minutes of the meeting.

    Each member of the public will have two (2) minutes to speak. At the close of the two (2) minute period, the speaker will be asked to take their seat so that others identified on the sign-in sheet can be provided with an opportunity to speak. The public comment period is designed to gain input from the public. It is not for immediate responses by the GO Team to the public comment presented. At the end of each public comment period, the period will be closed and the GO Team will move on to the next agenda item. If there are questions or information that you have for the GO Team, you may also contact one or more of the GO Team members before or after the meetings.

    NOTE: Not all Go Team members are on social media.  Discussions on social media cannot be considered for Go Team comment.  Please contact the Go Team chair or representatives on the Go Team if you have an item that you would like to send to the Go Team for discussion.  Contact information for every member is listed above.

    Meeting Documents

    Link to Meeting Recording: 

    Meeting Date

    Agenda / Notice

    Meeting Summary or Draft Minutes

     Approved Meeting Minutes

    Documents Presented at Meeting

    7/28/23 Agenda 7/28/23 Summary7-28-23 Minutes 7-28-23  
    9/11/23 Agenda9-11-23 Summary 9-11-23 Minutes 9-11-23 MESData+PrincipalReport9-11-23
    10/16/23 Agenda 10-16-23 Summary 10-16-23 Minutes 10-16-23 Principal Report 10-16-23
    11/13/23 Agenda 11-13-23 Summary 11-13-23 Minutes 11-13-23 Principal Report 11-13-23
    12/4/23* Work Session Work Session 12-4-23     Working Draft 12-4-23
    12/11/23 Agenda 12-11-23 Summary 12-11-23 Minutes 12-11-23 Principal Report 12-11-23
    1/22/24 Agenda 1-22-24 Summary 1-22-24 Minutes 1-22-24 Principal Report 1-22-24
    2/5/24 Agenda 2-5-24 Summary 2-5-24 Minutes 2-5-24

    FY25 Budget Feedback Mtg #2

    3/4/24 Agenda 3-4-24 Summary 3-4-24 Minutes 3-4-24

    Budget Presentation+Principal Report+Discussion

    Review for Meeting: CIP

    Review for Mtg: Draft Priorities & Strategies

    4/15/24 5/6/24 Agenda 5-6-24 Summary 5-6-24 DRAFT Minutes GO Team 5-6-24

    Strategic Plan (Live Link)


    Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule

    Committee Name


    Location / Link to attend virtually



    Link to Committee Meeting Recording

    Midtown Cluster       10-19-23 Link to Midtown Cluster Site 4:30PM Agenda 1  
    Midtown Cluster  11-29-23 Link to Midtown Cluster Site   4:30PM    
    Midtown Cluster 3-7-24 Link to Midtown Cluster Site   4:30PM    


    MES GO Team Meeting Norms

    At each GO Team Meeting, only members of the team may participate in the discussion. 

    Any members of the public present are here to quietly observe.

    We will be fully present.

    We will follow the agenda as noticed to the public and stay on task.

    We will always be respectful of each other.

    We will be open-minded.

    We invite and welcome the contributions of every member and listen to each other.

    We will respect all ideas and assume good intentions.

    We will approach differences of opinion with curiosity.

    For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the image below.

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