• MES Arts Showcase 

    WAVES Presents:

    Create Your Own Path

    April 23, 2023

    Inman Auditorium

    Are you an Artist? Performer? Musician? Author? MES NEEDS YOU!!!

    Important Dates

    • All grades can submit art, video, and writing submissions from Tuesday, November 1st, 2022, until Friday, March 24, 2023
      • Please check back for the online submission form.
    • In-Person auditions for LIVE performances will take place on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, or Thursday, March 9th, 2023, in the Inman Auditorium. 
      • Please check back for the audition signup.
    • There will be four afterschool rehearsal options for live performances: April 13th, April 14th, April 18th, & April 19th, 2023. (You will not need to attend all rehearsal dates)
    • There will be a dress rehearsal on Thursday, April 20th, 2023. All LIVE performances must attend.
    • The Live Performance Showcase will be on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

    New This Year - 5th Grade Volunteers
    We are looking for a group of 5th-grade volunteers interested in helping us run the Art Showcase with jobs ranging from being an MC to helping run the sound booth. If this sounds like something your child would be interested in, please reach out to mes.artshowcase@gmail.com or check back for a signup sheet.

    If you have questions, please contact committee co-chairs Brooke Linefsky & Stephanie Mayfield at mes.artshowcase@gmail.com