• While APS makes the decision about when to reopen buildings, Morningside has some autonomy with what the implementation will look like at our school. Our goal is and will be to develop practices and procedures at MES that reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission while also maintaining an environment of high quality learning for all our students, whether they are attending in person or virtually.  Learn more about the mitigation efforts and recommendations developed by the Morningside COVID Readiness team below.


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    Friday 2/26 - Principal Coffee Talk - 8:00 AM on Zoom.  (Link is in the Digital Dolphin)


    Thursday 3/4 - Principal Coffee Talk - 6:00PM on Zoom. (Link is in the Digital Dolphin)


    Intent to Return Forms DUE
    With this latest Intent to Return declaration, you are choosing a learning option for the final nine-week quarter, which begins on March 22. If you don’t complete the form by Monday, March 8, your student(s) will remain in their current instructional learning model. The form and details are now available on the Declaration Page.


    Quarter 4 begins

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  • During the COVID-19 global pandemic, our goal is to develop practices, procedures and guidelines that reduce risk for students and staff while maintaining an environment of high quality learning.  We have the motto to “Protect the MES Dolphin Pod”.   When we do reopen, we are confident that Morningside will be ready and will have strong risk mitigation strategies in place to welcome students and staff to MES@Inman.  

    These have been developed using the resources of various departments in Atlanta Public Schools as well as federal, state, and local guidelines and CDC recommendations for schools K-12.  These practices, procedures and guidelines will continue to evolve as we learn more about COVID-19.  The “Reopening Plans” section of our website will be updated as needed until we reopen.  

    On October 7, 2020 we held the first meeting of a Covid Readiness Team, composed of 33 volunteer parents, teachers, as well as our three administrators.  This team has proven invaluable in the reopening planning process.  Our school community not only has amazing moms, dads and teachers willing to research and dedicate extra time to our school, but we also have infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, public health experts, medical personnel and those who have been on the front lines of COVID-19 since this past January.  In addition, Principal Sofianos and team have consulted with other principals and heads of schools who have safely and successfully reopened.    The Covid Readiness Team will continue to function on an advisory level until we get a reopening date.  

    Three Key Mitigation Strategies for All Staff and Students

    • 1.  Promoting good hand hygiene with frequent hand-washing or use of hand sanitizer.
    • 2.  Wearing masks on school property
    • 3.  Social Distancing with every effort made to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between students and staff, both indoors and outdoors.

    Please look through our entire Reopening Plans website section to learn more about all of our risk reduction strategies.